Frequently Asked Questions


So, what's going on around here? And what's with the "Favorites" and "Friends" thing on the front page?

In short, there are a ton of vegan blogs on the web. VegBlogs aggregates the latest posts from over a hundred of these sites to make staying up-to-date on the veg community easy. The "Favorites" column displays the latest posts from the top 40 vegan blogs (by vote) and the "Friends" column displays the latest posts from all the other vegan blogs that we're tracking.


I have a vegan blog! Can you include it on VegBlogs?

Maybe! First, is your blog (or podcast!) focused on one or more of the following?

  • everyday vegan living
  • vegan commentary
  • vegan outreach
  • vegan news

Second, will you be nice and add a link to VegBlogs (using the text "Vegan Blog Tracker") on your site (in your sidebar, blogroll, etc) and maybe even mention us in a post?

If you answered "yes" to both questions, contact us! We'll review your site and might include it on our next update.

Remember, your blog or podcast must have an RSS or ATOM feed, which leads us to the next question:


You say you need an RSS or ATOM feed to include a site on VegBlogs. What the frak is that?!

RSS and ATOM are two popular methods for broadcasting content (blog posts, podcasts, etc.) to the internet. Thus, if a site has an RSS or ATOM feed, we can pick it up. If you have a blog but you're not sure if you can publish it via RSS or ATOM, check the software documentation. Don't fret; more than likely it'll have it. Blogger, Wordpress, Typepad, and just about every other blogging system has supported it for years.


How can I contact you?

Head over to our handy-dandy web form! But be sure to read everything carefully and only submit the form if you really, really need to, mmkay?